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Watches by 22 design studio

At 22, we break the mold. In a city made of concrete and steel we redefine these materials with our designs to create bold and unique products.

Watches by Aãrk

Our timepieces are inspired by the challenge of balancing function and beauty.

Watches by Armogan

Watches inspired by adventure and courage.

Watches by BHO

Collectible timepieces: 500 in the world

Watches by Breda

Non-singular aesthetic watches

Watches by Cronometrics

Sophisticated in design, superior in function, Cronometrics is the new statement timepiece brand that complements and inspires today’s creativity.

Watches by Daniel Wellington

The unique, simple and timeless Design by Daniel Wellington

Watches by Fossil

Fossil Watches are perfect for any occasion.

Watches by Hip Hop

Hiphopize your life!

Watches by Hygge

When the essence of Scandinavian design meets the finest Japanese quality

Watches by Hypergrand

Between dapper Wall Street and Premium Street wear.

Watches by Inbamboo

Handmade watches in bamboo

Watches by Klasse14

A collaboration effort that translates in exquisite timepieces.

Watches by Komono

A portfolio of premium level accessories with high-end materials.

Watches by Modify

Custom, mix-and-match watches

Watches by Mykonos Design

LOOKAT!me by Mykonos Design

Watches by Projects

Architecture you can wear

Watches by Squarestreet

Witness creation: simplicity, functionality and beauty.

Watches by Skagen

Simple Design for a Better Life.

Watches by Triwa

Transform the Industry of Watches

Watches by Urban Watch

The result of eternal human passion for beautiful and quality things.

Watches by Void

Simplicity is at the core of our design philosophy

Watches by We Wood

You buy a watch. We plant a tree.

Watches by Ziiiro

Unique. Minimal. Aesthetic.


Sunglasses by Blenders

Vibrant Polarized Sunglasses.

Sunglasses by Komono

A portfolio of premium level accessories with high-end materials.

Sunglasses in Bamboo by Panda

Bamboo Wooden Sunglasses

Wood Sunglasses by Proof

High quality, hand-made wood eyewear.

Sunglasses by Triwa

High Quality, beautiful design frames with Carl Zeiss lenses.


Jewels by Fossil

Fossil Jewels are perfect for any occasion.

Jewels by Hip Hop

Hiphopize your life!

Jewels by Vitaly

Bold and classic accessories that stand out.