March Best Sellers

07 Abr 2017

The bestsellers for the month of march

Bestseller products are also synonym of the best and most trendy products of the month. Our list of best sellers is not only a selection of products that had a higher number of sells during the month but also the higher number of interactions, both on social media and on the website. Combining this we are sure to put together the best watches, sunglasses and bracelets. You can find the entire selection here.

On the following lines we will show you the 10 best of the best, and has a bonus we have put all the products on the bestseller category with a special discount. Don’t wait any longer and grab your favorite now. If you can’t choose one, continue reading, maybe we can help you to make a decision.

1. Volare Rainbow

The Volare Collection by Klasse14 is on the bestseller list for several months now, being the Rainbow Black the most sold model of all. Looking at the watch is easy to understand the fascination, every detail of the watch is a truly delight. From the curved hands, to the intriguing rainbow pattern, this watch was crafted for every day admiration.

Klasse14 Volare Rainbow watch

2. The Architect L10

Recently arrived to the list of best sellers this German design watch is superb. Built with Japanese movement this is a very reliable timepiece and the design inherits elegance that goes beyond its look. The Architect L10 by Cronometrics is a watch that will complement and inspire your live.

Cronometrics The Architect L10

3. Taylor multifunction silver tone (ES3712P)

Fossil watches are classics that will never go out of style. Choosing a Fossil watch you can’t go wrong and this month the Taylor was the center of the attention. The beauty is in the details with this noteworthy multifunction watch from Fossil. With a minimalist design taken to the max, Taylor delivers fresh femininity with a seven-link bracelet, classic silver plating and an eye-catching dial. This watch was designed to shine on your wrist.

Fossil Taylor ES3712P

4. Midnight Henry

The sunny days are back and it is time to put your sunglasses on. With Carl Zeiss vision lenses and an incredible touch of class, the Midnight Henry shades by Triwa could’t be apart of this list. They are cool, well built and with an elegant design so why shouldn’t you buy them?

Triwa Midnight Henry

5. Spirit of St. Louis Horizon Black

The watches from Armogan are also among the bestsellers almost every month. Both designs of the brand, The Spirit of Saint Louis and the most recent model Le Mans, were well accepted by the public and we have a fine guess why, they are incredibly beautiful and exquisite. This month, the Spirit of St. Louis Horizon Black, stand out. Maybe because of its neutral colors after all when you have this magnificent watch you want to wear it every single day, despite the colors of your garment.

Armogan Spirit of Saint Louis Horizon Black

6. Pine Falken Brown Classic

Triwa is here to transform the industry of watches and they are doing it with every model they launch. With a fine selection of watches, Triwa is conquering more fans every day. They are exceptionally good at playing with colors and the Pine Falken is a result of that. With a beautiful green background combined with a champagne bezel, this watch was irresistible this month.

Triwa Pine Falken Watch

7. Bracelet Cheer Rosso and Rosa

Put your sleeves up and show how happy you are. This happens when you are wearing a Cheer bracelet. These fun pieces are cool and casual and you can combine them with a variety of looks. Made with soft rubber rings and embellished with a steel sphere carved with crystals, the Cheer bracelet will guarantee an extremely glamorous look.

Cheer Bracelet

8. Grant Twist three-hand luggage (ME1161P)

The Mechanical watches by Fossil have a great relation between price and quality. If you are looking for a good mechanical watch without spending too much money you should consider Fossil. The brand proposes a large range of pieces, built with very high quality standards and many styles to choose from. The one-of-a-kind Grant is a wrist essential you can rely on. This timepiece is stylish enough for formal occasions, but built to withstand on everyday use.

Fossil Grant ME1161P

9. Classic Tortoise

This piece was very desired when it was launched and received a lot of great reviews back then. Now is back to the list of bestsellers. The Classic Tortoise is perfectly balanced in design and function; it is a true representation of the brand and the art of minimalism.

Aark Classic Tortoise

10. PKG01 – GO/DB/WH

The PKG01 line is the most recent style by Void watches and the public is very excited about them. The watch is designed for both men and women and follows the minimalism line with modern principles. It is a slim timepiece with a great design with nothing left to chance.

Void PKG01 GODBWH watch

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