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23 Mai 2017

Grand Frank Watches and Bracelets

Grand Frank is a brand created by men tired of using always the same style of clothes. They needed something else, something that reflected their personality. The brand's philosophy is that if you love what you're wearing, you'll feel great, easy as that. This is reflected in every piece produced by the brand. If you are looking for something with a great sense of style, then Grand Frank probably has the right piece for you.

Within the brands watch collection you can find three different models with various color options. The watches are built with great quality materials and powered by reliable and accurate crystal quartz movements. All the models measure 43 millimmeters, which render them a perfect match for any formal attire.

The Kinsale collection, has two different color options, silver and gold. Both with steel mesh bands.

Kinsale Gold Chronograph

Grand Frank  Kinsale Gold Chronograph


Kinsale Silver Chronograph

Grand Frank  Kinsale Silver Chronograph


The Montpellier, is the collection with more options, four different colours, but all with a beautiful crocodile-embossed leather strap.

Montpellier Stone Grey Chronograph

Grand Frank Montpellier Stone Grey


Montpellier Blue Chronograph

Montpellier Blue Chronograph


Montpellier Green Chronograph

Montpellier Green Chronograph



Montpellier White Chronograph

Montpellier White Chronograph


Finally, the Kingston collection, offering three color options, is a watch that will granted a sharp look every hour of the day.

Kingston Brown Leather

Grand Frank Kingston Brown Leather


Kingston Black/Rose Leather

Grand Frank Kingston Black/Rose Leather


Kingston Matte Black Mesh

Grand Frank Kingston Matte Black Mesh


Wearing any watch from Grand Frank will most likely improve your style, but for the perfect combination, the brand also offer amazing bracelets, to combine with your watch or to use solo. All the pieces have distinctive features like the color combination or the addition of embellishment details. You can choose from different styles and materials like steel, pearls and leather, but whatever you choose you can be sure that your wrist will be the center of the attention.

Grand Frank Bracelets


Grand Frank Bracelets

See all the watches and bracelets by Grand Frank here.

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