Why you should have a Fossil watch?

15 abr. 2016

Buy a Fossil watch.

Are you thinking about a new watch? Well you should definitely put Fossil on your list. It’s an impressive brand with cool designs and probably with the best quality/price ratio on the market. But lets dig a little deep on what makes Fossil a must have in any watch collection.

Fossil was found in 1984 and since then they produce and design iconic timepieces. The brand also produces for the world’s most well known brands, such as DKNY, Burberry, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Emporio Armani and several others, so they really know what they are doing. The brand created the “retro” style of watches, inspired by older styles of watches from 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s, and you can see this retro touch in all styles. This concept created great styles, see the examples of the Georgia collection, Jacqueline Collection or the Virginia Collection. Aren’t they cool?

Fossil Georgia Collection


Fossil Jacqueline and Virginia collections

In 1998 the brand developed Big Tic, a watch which is part digital and part analog, that today is one of Fossil’s signature designs. The combination of the classic design of the analog watch, with the perks and extended functionality (calendar, countdown, alarm) of the digital watch. You can still see this design on current models like the Nate Analog-Digital, which is the modern version of the Big Tic, and is a very innovative timepiece with an eye catching construction.

Fossil Nate Analog Digital


Fossil also developed its own watch movement, named Twist. This movement has often been described as “the look of an automatic watch with the accuracy of the quartz movement”. A movement that can be found on several models of the brand, like the Grant Automatic or the Townsman automatic.

Fossil Grant and Townsman Automatic watches

Fossil is around the watch industry for a long time and being an import part of it. So if you buy a Fossil watch you are buying a timepiece that will be part of the watch history.

Lastly, if you still not convinced to acquire a Fossil, take a look at the prices. Many consider fossil a luxury brand, although the prices are very honest and fair. With prices around 80USD and 250USD this is probably the brand with the best
value for money. For example, you can have an automatic watch for less than 210USD while the industry average for an automatic watch is above 450USD. Look at the chronograph models, around 120USD where similar watches from other brands will cost more than 200USD.

Fossil watches

So what are you waiting for to buy a Fossil watch?


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