Unexpected Sale by Dialetu

25 sept. 2015

Watches Sunglasses Jewels Sale Dialetu Design Discount Unexpected

To celebrate the new season beginning, we created an unexpected sale just for you. Choose and buy the best design items in the world at a very special price. 

Suprise, surprise! Autumn is here and with it a whole new season: new stories, new friends, new life and of course... New Fashion Items to add to your collection. As a design and quality lover, you'll choose our more than 150 listed fashion accessories in unexpected sales. It’s wild!


When will it be over? Only God knows!

Triwa Design Sunglasses With Carl Zeiss Lens Champagne Bonnie

(Triwa Champagne Bonnie)

Should I buy now a new outstanding design fashion accessory? Of course!

Watch by Aãrk model Tide Gold

(Aãrk Tide Gold)

Will it make me stand out? Of course! You're unique and you should embrace it!

Watch by Hypergrand model 01Nato with leather strap

(Hypergrand 01Nato Black White)

Anything can really happen? Wait to see it. It's going to be truly legendary!

Sunglasses by Triwa model Turtle Nicky with carl Zeiss Lenses

(Triwa Turtle Nicki)

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