The trends for the spring of 2017

13 mar. 2017

The trends for the spring of 2017

The spring is here. Time to refresh our style. From the many interpretation of the vintage styles, passing by a saturated colour palette to stripes and florals, the spring of 2017 is the season where you make the rules. You can have whatever style you want, mix and match styles and be confident with it.

On this list we will show you our favorite pieces for the spring of 2017, so keep reading to find out the best accessories for the season.

The Cliché of the bright colors

Every spring someone led you to wear something pink, sky blue or other vivid hues, they are the color of the spring every year. But even the cliché can be cool and stylish; this is the case of the following pieces:

Peach Grace

Precio Regular: 129,00 €

Special Price 98,04 €



Precio Regular: 34,00 €

Special Price 25,50 €

Sond GRN

Precio Regular: 75,01 €

Special Price 53,26 €


Black and Gold are colors for every season

Yes, with the right combination, black and gold will match any style. You can create very bold looks with these tones or give a spark to a more discreet one, the choice is yours.

Timeless Karat

Precio Regular: 240,00 €

Special Price 204,00 €


Arma x Gold

Precio Regular: 60,00 €

Special Price 45,60 €


The 80’s are back and better than ever

The vintage style is growing in fans and the brands are aware of that. New interpretations of the vintage style, fusions between modern designs and classical ones, the brands are increasing their selection of the vintage style, and this means more choices for us.

Pulsera Multi Wrap Vintage (JF02379791)

Precio Regular: 64,00 €

Special Price 55,68 €

Magnus Silver Burgundy

Precio Regular: 79,95 €

Special Price 56,76 €


Azure Niben Steel Mesh

Precio Regular: 169,00 €

Special Price 119,99 €

Sawtooth Blackbone Polarized

Precio Regular: 120,00 €

Special Price 77,99 €


Natural al the way

The wood and bamboo elements are here to stay and the spring is the best season to wear them. Lots of brands are dedicated to produce amazing products made only with natural products.


InBamboo Green

Precio Regular: 70,00 €

Special Price 52,50 €

Venus Chocolate

Precio Regular: 119,00 €

Special Price 77,35 €


McCall Mahogany Polarized

Precio Regular: 120,00 €

Special Price 77,99 €

Ivory Black Fade

Precio Regular: 105,50 €

Special Price 68,57 €


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