Thrilled by Summer

25 jun. 2015

 Enjoy Summer with Dialetu!

Summer is the best season ever! Hair gets lighter, skin gets darker, life gets easier and you get happier!

In summer days, make sure you make your own summertime memories. Start the day watching the sunrise with the incredible Natty Mcnasty by Blenders. These blue lens will protect your eyes and turn your sunrise even more beautiful.

Feeling the morning breeze is also an important summer asset. Your fashion accessory will be your faithful companion, like the outstanding Black Oyster Olivia by Triwa. These amazing sunglasses will allow you to be always in style and classy mode during your sweet summer mornings.

After this, you can have your lunch at the balcony with your lover, family or friends with the unique Monte Carlo sunglasses. Extremely lightweight, comfortable and with appealing design that will contribute for you to enjoy your food.

Then, of course it’s time for a refreshing afternoon swim with the fantastic Jackson Natural by Panda. Entirely built in bamboo, these glasses have an irreverent "look" and will be the spotlight in the water environment.

But you have to do some sunbathing as well: summer means a perfect tan! Natural Warhol Brown will make you appreciate even more your sunbathing. In fact, the bamboo frame is very light, durable and resistant to water. For every pair of glasses sold by Panda is offered an optometric examination and a prescription glasses to someone in need. Do some good in your summer too!

The day is ending and it’s time to watch the sunset and remember those fire colored lines in the sky. The Symphony Red will blend in with the sunset atmosphere and get you in the mood of the evening.

Complete your cycle of summer moments with our suggestions and turn your season into something truly memorable! 

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