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09 jun. 2015

Panda Eyewear at Dialetu

Have you always wondered how is to have natural wood sunglasses? Well, our Natural Collection has it all and will answer that question.  

The future of sustainable fashion design is at Dialetu with brands such as Proof or Panda Eyewear. The ecology and the eco-friendly fashion should be a concern to us all, indeed. We’re all running out of time to save our planet. If we start introducing these elements into our daily lives, even in what we wear, the change will happen: the sooner the better. By using ethic brands like these, you’re helping the world and the environment, for sure. Extra point to you!

Besides this fact, these sunglasses are very comfortable, light and fresh. These models will never bore you or get you tired of them. Adding some real social responsibility to your fashion accessories is piece of cake with Dialetu! In our Natural Collection, we’ve seen it all and made it even more special, offering you 20% off in all wooden sunglasses.

Embrace this cause: take this opportunity right now and enjoy your new wood sunglasses. The Planet Earth says thank you! 

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