Mothering Sunday 2017

20 mar. 2017

Mothering Sunday 2017

As we reach the Easter season, there is a special date that needs to be considered. In the United Kingdom, three weeks before Easter Sunday, the locals celebrate the Mothering Sunday. In the United Kingdom this day is not only considered the Mother's day but has a more special meaning.

Originally, the Mothering Sunday was the time when people return to their church, in which they were baptized and made their service when they were little. This symbolizes the return of the adult to the place where they grew up and reunited with family, it is a time to celebrete the childhood.

So it's not about the commercial turmoil as the Mother's Day sometimes is, instead it's all about the celebration of being reunited with someone and the rejoice of having such a special figure in our lives. It is time to celebrate our life with our mothers, grandmothers, a special aunt or whomever mother figure you may have.

However, you do not need to be in the United Kingdom or be Catholic to celebrate this date. The Mothering Sunday should be in and for all of us. You just need to have someone with whom to celebrate. Every Sunday, every day it's the right time to celebrate the mothering.

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