Komono: “Small things” are the ones that matter the most?

09 jun. 2015

 Komono all the way

Komono says yes. You know that details matter, but Komono reminds us of it every single day with the best fashion accessories collections.

Komono presents a portfolio of premium level accessories with high-end materials and an amazing variety of designs, textures, colors and materials. Assuming the street style at its best, the brand is defined as a community of dreamers and designers dedicated to perfectly timed accessories, and rooted in the Belgian tradition of fierce dedication to quality and craft. Komono is a lens on global fashion, crafted with care and delivered on time and as they like to call themselves, “the perfect blend of Vision and Timing”.

The Komono’s watches feature a simple design, where it stands out the slightly shifted down crown and bracelets with futuristic colors and textures. This turns into an accessory with a street fashion design concept that matches any style.

But the brand sticks to its high standards, even in sunglasses: Komono brings retro-futurism to the forefront with their approach to accessories and fashion. Built upon timeless design with modern twists, the brand sets out to create future classics of fashion design.

With its own culture and feeling, Komono is truly global fashion at your fingertips. Let yourself be inspired by this unique brand and inspire others with the hashtag #touchedbykomono. 

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