7 watches that scream Halloween

30 sept. 2015

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Halloween is coming and we cannot wait to show you the best watches we picked out for you. Thinking about design, quality, good price and amazingness? All-in-one, mixed like a magic potion in a caldron perfect for Halloween. Dialetu’s got it right.

That time of the year is arriving and you have to be prepared, by any means, since is the scariest one of them all. Following the fun traditions is cool, but standing out as an individual that you are is also part of the absolute right Halloween motto.

Inspired by the moon

Well, your mission will be competed with the one of a kind watch Midnight Lansen Black Dots Mono by Triwa. It’s a Halloween perfect, but still Midnight Lansen is a super high classy watch which features a black moon dial with a bright gold second hand, white hour index markers and minute/second markers in gold and white. A timeless watch to wear 24/7. So, it’s a winning gamble, since you can wear it all year long.

Isn’t Halloween the greatest time of the year? Moon Crater 40mm (Blk Leather) says yes! Incredibly, the brand Projects features watch models designed by designers from all over the world. Each watch is designed around a theme. This model, Moon Crater, has the theme: "See what Galileo saw with his telescope in 1609…". Moon Crater has elevated gold numerals, 3, 7, and 11, sitting atop raised platforms within the recessed case. The minute and hour hands move across the dial and perfectly encircle the raised numerals several times each hour. Framing, if only for a moment, the preciousness of time. Because everything that’s good ends quickly, like Halloween.


So different, so thoughtful, so into Halloween’s vibe

Another Halloween special you will be stunned by is Marble Nero by Aãrk. A pure material statement by a brand that got us used to high quality. The Marble is the culmination of AÃRK’s first collaborative effort with industrial design duo Daniel Emma. Born from Daniel Emma’s love of material as a base element to design, the Marble is built on principles of simplicity and playfulness. Featuring a thin layer of real marble enclosed in a stainless steel casing, the natural beauty of the material speaks for itself. Quite impressive for your not a bit less impressive Halloween.

The Petite gunmetal gold watch by Breda is an option to consider for Halloween too. Actually, the Mini Faceted Bezel – Gunmetal Gold is an outstanding fashion accessory with a faceted bezel and simple sunray dial. Fitted with a metallic genuine leather band and buckle. Very chic and complete: it will make your night!

Hygge also has a saying in the Halloween question. In fact, its brave model Serie 3012BCGR PU Leather Band it’s really an achievement. Time reimagined, was the inspiration to create this timepiece. The result is simple, functional and visually appealing. Two disks rotate one over the other, the one on top indicates the minutes and the one on the bottom the hours, which in combination with the steel case, provide a calm environment full of details, just like your Halloween celebration!


All black, like a crow, because the night begs for it

Furthermore, your Halloween won’t be the same without Volare Dark 42mm by Klasse 14. The one and only, this timepiece will take your breath away. This watch is an ode to freedom in a very classic style. The watch hands are slightly curved upwards to resemble wings in flight. For this design attribute, Mario Nobile decided to call this watch “Volare”, which in English translates as “Fly”. The dial has a conic shape, to follow the design concept and to capture the light from all directions. It is encased in a 42mm stainless steel case that makes the watch ideal for every occasion, specially Halloween spooky time!

No. 1 Black is more than a fashion statement, it’s a life statement! It refuses the unnecessary. Designed by Form Us With Love, the No.1 reduces the functions of a watch to the barest of essentials — an easy-to-read dial, adjustable strap, and two choices of color. No.1 is made of stainless steel, milled and then given a black ion coating for durability, a finish that gives it just the right amount of matte versus gloss on the wrist, while the only noticeable branding is punched into the side. Still, this wonderful timepiece will adjust to your Halloween times just perfectly.  


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