Halloween: different places, different traditions

20 oct. 2015

 Halloween Traditions and Fashion Vibes Explained by Dialetu Store

Halloween is a very special and particular celebration that only happens once a year. Consequently, we have to commemorate, feel and live it as much as we possibly can. This holiday is celebrated all over the world by everyone who has an interest for the spooky, frightening, supernatural or just partying in a different way. Obviously, even in Halloween, you cannot forget about style and we selected the best fashion accessories to be your lucky charm in such a powerful spell. Meet the traditions and decide where you’re going to have fun for Halloween!

Ireland, the birthplace of Halloween

Ireland is the place where it all began. The Celtic Samhain Festival is declared to be the true origin of Halloween. In fact, in this country this festivity is as much celebrated as in the United States of America. In today’s Ireland, there’s bonfires, trick-or-treating, parties and all sociable activities amongst friends, family and neighbors in order to celebrate Halloween.  Kids play the very famous “snap-apple” where an apple is tied on a tree and attempt to bite the apple. There’s also the “knock-a-dolly,” which means that your door is going to get knocked and when you open it there’s no one there, if you live in Ireland, of course. As a children centered celebration, parents organize treasure hunts in which the treasures are all sort of candies or pastries. The best design piece for your Halloween celebration in Ireland is actually the Aãrk Marble Nero, a timepiece that is so unique that will become the central piece of your costume.

Mexico: “Dia de los muertos”

Mexico is very well known for its remembering the dead traditions as well. In fact, the festivities go from October the 31st to Nov the 2nd. All across the country, family feasts, skull-shaped sweets, lots of tequila, dancing, mariachi music and plenty of parades take place at All Souls Day. Mexican people is very dedicated to these celebrations, dressing as skeletons and remembering all the dead ones, praying for their souls and helping them throughout their spiritual journeys. To complete your best outfit for the occasion, the best wristwatch is needed: the Serie3012 Cor Pu Leather Band by Hygge. The best timepiece to wear at Mexico’s merriments.

Germany: hide all your knives away

In Germany, in the Halloween period, the Germans hide all their knives away so the returning spirits won’t get hurt by it. Also, Halloween is celebrated as All Saints Day. At Germany, in order to outstand yourself you must choose the Perlen x Matte Black and the Cirkel x Matte Black by Vitaly design to complement your appearance. It just looks great for the time! 

Austria, the magical night

Austria is a very special place for Halloween. If you choose to be there to have a good time, make sure you have bread, bread and water on the table and light a lamp. This will welcome the dead souls back to Earth, you’ll spend a night surrounding yourself with strong cosmic energies and it will become magical. Since these mystic vibes are all around in Austria, to celebrate it properly you have to wear the best design fashion accessories to enlighten your night: the Arma x Gold by Vitaly and the Visus Gold Edition (Black Face) by Mykonos. Make it shine!

United States of America, the official Halloween representative

USA are the kings of Halloween. They celebrate it like no other country, with trick or treating, all the pumpkin carving (Jack O’ Lantern), costumes, house decoration, crazy parades and parties! Actually, the Halloween is the second most profitable holiday in the United States, following Christmas. Despite being an unofficial holiday, Halloween makes Americans spend more than $2 billion each year just in candies. Anoka, Minnesota, population 18,000, has proclaimed itself “Halloween Capital of the World,” leading up to the big day with two weeks of Halloween dedicated activities. There’s a lot of cool places to visit in Halloween like Salem in Massachusetts, New Orleans, the home of voodoo and supernatural, Estes Park, in Colorado, where Stephen King inspired himself for The Shining or even in New York for the the Village Halloween party. If you chose any of these destinations, take yours Drive Mark-01 Maroon by bho with you! It’s the Halloween’s safest option.

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