Save these elements by Dialetu

21 jul. 2015

Elements to save by Dialetu

Water – Aqua lomin

This model watch from Triwa represents the element water so well. What would we do without water? No water, no life. Did you know that water covers 71% of the Earth's surface?


Air – Hayburn Crystal Polarized

The air is portrayed by the fantastic Hayburn Crystal Polarized. Proof made these sunglasses thinking about you. They’re designed to make the difference in all terms of it, like doing good in the world. 


Fire – Donner Skate Blackfire

The fire is one hell of an element, isn’t it? It destroys but it also creates like no other. The amazing Donner Skate Blackfire by Proof, a model that looks like it was craved by fire.


Earth – Wewood Kappa Chocolate and Ontario Skate Zebra Polarized

In the earth element we have the nicest representations: Kappa Chocolate by Wewood and Ontario Skate Zebra Polarized by Proof. Earth and soil. The Earth we live in. Wear Earth and respect Mother Nature: our future depends on it and these brands are totally ecofriendly, sustainable and ecofashion oriented.


Metal – Dusk Klinga Steel Mesh and Kusari x Bronze

It helped us so many times in very different situations and sometimes we don’t even notice it, right? Did you know about 91 of the 118 elements in the periodic table are metals?


Love – Hip-hop happy loop poppy red and Hip-hop bon bon persian red

We couldn’t live without it, love makes the world go round. Hip-hop jewels are the picture perfect for love. Wear them as yours and you’ll never be the same again! 


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