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02 abr. 2015

Dialetu Store
We all talk our own dialects. The brand takes the best advantage of this fact and has a very specific stock of fashion accessories available to its customers. The products are all made by internationally recognized designers and the range focuses mainly on watches, sunglasses and jewelry.

With brands such as Daniel Wellington, Void, Vitaly Design, Ziiiro, Hygge, Projects, bhoPanda, Triwa, Aãrk, WEWOOD, Komono, Proof, among many others, the company wants to assert itself on the unique human side and being held by differentiating its products.

Dialetu is the only multi-brand online store of portuguese soul which specializes itself in unique and extremely high quality designer fashion accessories. The journey began in September 2014 with Ricardo Ferreira, the CEO, who was inspired on his trips to start the business. After meeting several countries, people and fantastic products, the passion was stronger and the entrepreneur felt the need to create an online store which he identified himself with: "I love meeting new people and a great way to do this by starting a conversation with someone unknown is taking about a product which is made in such a distinguished and distinctive way that you simply cannot ignore it" he says. Ricardo enhances the social side of his business. "In fact, I couldn’t not build this site. I wanted to have access to all the best accessories in the world with a single and simple click," he refers. The engineer also believes that one of the strengths of Dialetu is its playfulness, creativity and strong bet on young people, because "young professionals are full of new ideas when they get out of university and ideas is what we need, new ideas," he argues.

Focused on market growth, Ricardo Ferreira assumes that his customers are mostly foreigners: "Sweden, France and Germany are the three countries where we have stronger expression today," he explains.

The startup, based in the city of Penafiel, promises to grow, create jobs becoming, in this way, an massive strategic value for the region, "Dialetu provides and will provide the creation of qualified jobs through a technology center that will contribute extensively to the development of the Tâmega and Sousa region. The brand also provides a connection to the creators, authors and local designers in order to build bridges and synergies, as well as promoting local trade through placement of Dialetu products in physical spaces ", he believes.

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