6 black design watches to have

29 jul. 2015

All Black

Back to black? No. We’ve always been into black design pieces. Black can never go wrong. Black can never be wrong. Black is black. Black is the new black. Black is the old black. Black is everything. That’s why we need to have black timepieces in our wardrobe. Don’t be shy, just pick one for you! Here’s the best 6 you’ll ever see:

Timeless black

NO. 1 black is a TID’s masterpiece. If you want to have a truly timeless timepiece, this is the watch to have, indeed. Designed by Form Us With Love, the No.1 reduces the functions of a watch to the barest of essentials — an easy-to-read dial, adjustable strap, and two choices of color. TID NO. 1 Black is a watch to wear through shifts in times and styles. Can you imagine anything better?


Iconic Graphite by Aãrk it’s breathtaking. The Iconic is a statement. Influenced by industrial and avionic instruments, it is raw, tough and precise. With solid form and proportions, it’s a utilitarian piece built for durability and aesthetic beauty. It’s a design masterpiece by all means. It expresses the brand’s statement and also the truth about time. Discover an astonishing wristwatch that we’ll make your style really unique and special!


Classic Coal is another Aãrk’s all black essential. With a round dial and a classic touch to its design, this wristwatch is experiments with materials and finishings, leather and black, turning it into a luxe item. Wearing this watch will be very surprising for you and you’ll be overwhelmed by its quality. At the end of the day, you’ll just think for yourself: isn’t it marvelous?

Minimalism vs Digital

Déjà vu White is only white in the name. Actually, this watch is all black, made with a minimalistic and architectural design, has an hour hand, the smaller of the two is a white opaque at the edge of the hour and gradually moves to a more transparent white in the wake of the hour. The same is true of the minute hand, but becomes more interesting as it passes over the hour hand leaving a clear path of the Dèjà Vu White Timepiece or particles below. How more curious can it be?


Sond Black is the ultimate modern watch. Injection molded in one single piece, the SOND by Void has an innovative locking mechanism that uses the watch itself to secure the nylon watchband. This not only greatly reduces the number of moving parts but also creates an interesting contrast of colors and materials and makes the strap easy to change and adjust. Sond Black is a must-have for all fashion and design lovers.

Men in Black would wear it

Dual Time Zone Watch in Black kills it! What a distinctive watch! Breda Watches certainly paid attention to all details with a very thoughtful design: oversized gunmetal case with monochromatic dual time zone display. Paired with a black genuine leather croc-embossed band and gold buckle. A beautiful black watch to wear all the time. I know you want it! 

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