The best of 2015 that will last in 2016

07 ene. 2016

The best of 2015 that will last in 2016

A new year starts and with it new models, new styles, new designs will come and gone.  But despite all this excitement around the novelties there are a couple of oldies that will still be a blast in 2016.

Our goal was always to try to choose products that have that special something and now we present our favorites that we believe will still be very cool in the years to come.

Hygge Series 3012

Watch hygge series 3012

This watch has always been one of our favorites since we first saw it. The watch is simple, functional and visually appealing. Created to be a reinterpretation of time and awarded with the IF product design award, the Hygge 3012 became an icon on the design watch world. Why we love it? Simple, how cool it is to see the time in two disks?

Armogan Spirit of St. Louis

Armogan watches

Who said the “vintage inspiration” was done for 2016? Well they are wrong. It created beautiful pieces in 2015 and will continue to create astonishing designs in 2016. Armogan presented this beautiful watch last year and certainly will continue to be very wanted this year. It’s the beauty of “vintage inspiration“ when perfectly put into practice, it tend to be timeless, and so it is the Spirit of St. Louis. All the materials are well balanced; carefully selected buttons for the chronograph, old style date windows and a slightly curved glass. A very stylish design, equipped with a classic movement with a vintage touch. A must have in 2016 and beyond.

Proof Sawtooth blackbone polarized

Proof Sawtooth Blackbone Polarized


The Browline glasses, very popular during the 1950’s and 1960’s, inspired Proof to create this frames. Many famous figures, like Malcom X and Colonel Sanders wore this style of glasses and it still continues to be a hit among the famous and less famous people. It is usual to see Rihanna, or one of the guys from 1 Direction wearing these frames.

Constructed with a combination of metal, plastic and natural wood, the way that the Sawtooth blackbone reinterprets the browline style is awesome. That said we couldn’t let these sunglasses out of this list, don’t you think?

Void V03D

Watches Void V03D at Dialetu

The classic never goes out of style. Why this watch will continue to be loved in the years to come? Well it is a classic watch, round with three hands, a great company for any occasion, it never disappoints. We can have two types of watches, the-of-the-moment and the classics. Yes they are equally important and we need them in different moments of life, but we tend to place greater value on the latter, because, well they will never go out of style.

With the V03D Void created the perfect classic watch, designed for both men and women, very sophisticated and with little details that will dazzle you each time you see them, the V03D by Void is a must have.

Aãrk Marble

Aãrk marble watch at Dialetu

Owning a watch made with marble was posh in 2015 and it still is in 2016 don’t you think? Aãrk puts all its knowledge in designing beautiful timepieces and join forces with Daniel and Emma a duo of very talented industrial designers to create the Marble. Featuring a thin layer of real marble enclosed in a pared-back stainless steel case, the natural beauty of this watch speaks for itself. Built on principles of simplicity and playfulness, the Aãrk Marble is really unique, and when we say unique we mean it, because there aren’t two marble layers with the same pattern.

Aãrk Eclipse and Ziiiro Eclipse

Aãrk and Ziiiro Eclipse

Two brands, two different approaches, the same challenge putting the eclipse on your wrist.  How marvelous and unique is to see an eclipse? Well, now you can see one everyday on your wrist. Ziiiro uses a futuristic approach, characteristic of the brand whilst Aãrk uses a more design oriented approached and both results are exquisite.

The Aãrk Eclipse evokes the moon’s movement in relation to the earth and the sun directly on its dial; you just have to follow the hands movements. Built with high quality Italian leather and a stunning dual-tone plating case, the watch is beautiful and very functional.

The Ziiiro Eclipse uses a patented pigment to offer bright illumination of the dial, evoking the sun’s disk behind the moon during a solar eclipse.

Looking directly at the Sun can lead to permanent eye damage but looking to these eclipses will lead only to fascination. A natural phenomenon represented in an almost supernatural way.

Vitaly bracelets

 Vitaly Design at Dialetu

The combination of different materials and forms has never been so sexy. All the pieces designed by Vitaly have a special detail that makes us fall in love. It can be the clasp; just look how simple and brilliant is the way you close the cirkel or the claw evoking the old samurai tradition featured on the Kusari. It can be the way the vinil rope embraces the stainless steel pegs on the Arma or even the way cubes and spheres are put together on the Perlen. Reasons to get a Vitaly bracelet abound, the difficulty is to choose only one.

Triwa Sort of Black Gold and Rose Lansen

Triwa watches and sunglasses at Dialetu

Gold can be forever too. Golden watches were a hit last year, not only the yellow gold but also the rose gold. Hey it’s the color of the moment and it combines with every outfit you can think off.

Triwa is quite remarkable at creating watches and the gold ones are simply beautiful. The Triwa Sort of Black Gold speaks for itself; both the bracelet and the case are made of stainless steel in yellow gold, a true odd to the golden color. And if you get bored with all this yellow gold the watch comes with a leather black strap that it is very easy to replace, but who gets bored of such a marvelous piece?

The Triwa Rose Lansen is for the modest lover of gold, rose gold isn’t so shiny as the yellow gold but its likewise extraordinary. This piece is very elegant and comes with a modern chronograph, also all built in stainless steel but in rose gold color, it is a watch that will last forever while maintaining is beauty.

Mykonos Visus

Mykonos Visus watch at Dialetu

The Mykonos Visus is one of our most odd watches, and this makes it one of our favorites. The way it tells you the time is really unique, strange and at the same time simple. The red line marks the current time and the three disks rotate through it indicating the seconds, minutes and hours.

This is the watch that will impress all your friends; you can be sure to be the center of attention while wearing this watch. Besides this, it is very affordable, so no excuses to get one in 2016.

Hypergrand Maverick Chrono Duotone

Hypergrand Maverick Chrono at Dialetu

Hypergrand makes timepieces that are the common denominator of quality watchmaking, industrial design, and urban styling. The Maverick retains the modern straight-lined case architecture that is the hallmark of Hypergrand’s design. This model combines two tones, silver and gold and the result is remarkable. Wearing bold proportions while balanced with minimalist details, the Maverick is a must have in every watch collection.

And that’s it; the models we believe will continue to be talked about this year. Why we choose only ten? Cause the number 10 is has good has other but we could have listed many more, like the Aãrk Eon Silver, the BHO Drive Mark Bondi, the Triwa Turtle Nicki or the Panda Warhol Brown. We will talk about them in another time, but if you are eager to find other great and awesome products just browse our For Him or For Her pages and don’t forget to share with us your favorites.

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