Being a Woman

26 feb. 2016

What does it mean to be a woman in 2016.

Long gone are the days that being a woman meant to be a housewife with her destiny mapped by others.

Nowadays, women’s have full control of their lives and the international women’s day celebrates that, the rights and the fact that women’s have a key role in society.

We interviewed four women, with very different life paths and trajectories, to know what they think about the woman of today.

First we have talked with Emma, a very independent woman who runs her own company in Amsterdam. When asked about what does it mean to be a woman she started like this:


“I was raised to fight for my goals because I was told to never depend on a man. So I grew up learning how I could take care of myself, counting only on me. I guess that on this journey I loose a little bit of what it meant to be a woman. I’ve fight hard to build my own company on a world mainly ruled by man and often I have decided to hide my femininity. In my head, that could be used against me. A few years later, after started the company I have met my husband and I finally get loose and started to appreciate the perks of being a woman. Being a woman is magical and now I understand that we can be successful being a woman in full. We can feel beautiful and sexy and be respected. I guess that women’s nowadays are more reliant and sufficient, we have more choices and we are free to define and change our own path, being ourselves.”

We couldn’t finish our little chat with Emma without asking about her favourites at Dialetu. Emma chose the Eon Silver because it isn’t much girly and “the design is great, plus you get two watches at once with the two bracelets included.” She also loves the Black Oyster Olivia Sunglasses; she says, “They give me a very confident look.”

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The design is great, plus you get two watches at once

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They give me a very confident look.

Now we say goodbye to Emma to say Ciao to Michela, a wife and a mother of three from Gubbio in Italy.

To Michela being a woman is:

“… a blessing. The bound that a mother creates with her sons is something that goes beyond understanding. Some may say that I live in a different era, that a woman dedicated in full to her husband and sons is a bygone model. But hey, being a woman isn’t following a book of recipes; we can choose what is best for us. I’ve decided to quit my job and dedicate myself to my family and my life is finally complete. And that is what it means to be a modern woman, the power to choose what makes us happy.”

From Dialetu, Michela favorited the Aqua Lomin and the Coral Lomin and in her own words; “this style is so beautiful that I can’t decide on the colour, so I guess I have to have both.” She also loves the Cheer bracelets because they are very stylish, have her favourite colours and they come from an Italian brand.

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This style is so beautiful that I can’t decide on the colour.

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They are very stylish and have my favourite colours.

Finally our last interview was with couple Jessica and Anissa, two tattoo artists from New York.

Anissa started by saying:

“Well I guess that I can speak for both when I say that being a woman is simply loving live and don’t matter about what others are saying. Like my grandmother used to say: good or bad the important is that someone is talking about us.”


Jessica agreed and added:


“Loving life and trying to be useful for the society isn’t not only what it means to be a woman but rather what it means to be a human being in general. Labels and discrimination were the reasons to start the first strikes on March 8 that later ended being the international women’s day. I am happy that something like that happened and that we have a day to celebrate respect and love for all genders, well at least for me this is what the women’s day represents.”

Both girls agreed that being a woman in today society is still though and very stereotyped. Anissa continues the conversation by saying:


“We females still feel many pressures from society. We are raised to fill in a standard woman figure and sometimes is very challenging to grow and try to cope with all the definitions of a woman. We are different from man, of course, and thank god we are, because the difference is good and no one is better or worse.  I am just happy to the fact that I can think with my own head and that I am not held by those gender roles.”

At the end Jessica and Anissa concluded that a woman or a man should focus on being a human being above all and embrace who they are and not who they are supposed to be.

Anissa picks the Jackson Black Sunglasses for her and the Jackson Brown for Jessica. “It is so posh to wear bamboo sunglasses.”

Jessica chose the Shell White for her and the Shell Brown for Anissa, “they match perfectly with our style … and Anissa always had a little bit of a dark side in her.” They both laugh.

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It is so posh to wear bamboo sunglasses.

Shell watches by Aãrk at Dialetu.

They match perfectly with our style.

And with this joyful mood we end our interview.

We would love to ear about what do you think about being a woman or a man nowadays.

Before saying goodbye, and since we are near the women’s day we have created a special discount for all the women’s products. Browse our For her selection choose your favourite and use the code #womanrules.

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