6 ways to beat January Blues

13 ene. 2017

6 Ways to Beat January Blues

A lot of people feel down in January. In January we have to come back to our daily life right after all the fuzz from Christmas and New Years celebrations. After the excesses of December we feel a constant hangover and sadness through out January, making this month difficult.

For those of you that, like us, feel melancholic in January, here is what we love to do to make January happier and start the year in the best way possible.

Declutter your style

Clutter your style

Some say that “retail therapy” is a real thing and the truth is that the act of shopping and spending improve one’s mood. Buying something can be almost a celebration. January is a great month to change or improve your style. You can find a lot of good sales and buy that special thing that you have been dreaming for a very good price. If you are out of ideas check the Dome Gold by Aark, but be aware that it will become your favorite watch for the rest of the year.

Get togheter with friends

Get togheter with friends

The New Years celebrations are over and you still remember all the good moments you have had. Don’t feel nostalgic and go out with your friends, even if just for a coffee. Being surrounded by your friends and family will make January easier to go through. Don’t forget to bring your Shepperd Silver/Black, not just to get in time to your meeting, but this amazing watch as a great style and will be a great start for a conversation.

List the positives

Lists of positive things


Making lists can quell anxiety and a list about positive thoughts and goals for 2017 is perfect to reduce the January sadness. Some say that making lists is life changing and you can be more productive with it. Why not start with a simple list of wonderful accessories to wear during 2017, you can start your list with the bracelet Arma x Gold by Vitaly.

Plan a trip

Plan a trip

Vacations do make people happy and planning a trip will increase happiness. Besides that if you plan in advance you will enjoy the most of your vacations. You can choose the best time of the year to visit the location, reduce the costs and so many more.

If you are in the mood for a trip, let the arrow of the beautiful Arrow flex bangle by Fossil guide your way.


Just Chilling. Relax.

Relaxing is the best way to forget all the problems and to look at the bright side of life. In January just staying cozy at home watching your favorite TV series will pump you up with energy and good vibes to face a new day. All you need is a Magnus Silver Burgundy from Komono to keep track of time, or you may enter on an infinite loop of relaxation.


Smile improve your life

Smiling can lift your mood and reduce the stress. Also while smiling your expression is more attractive, which is more likely to draw people to you. A happy, positive expression will serve you well in life and will help you to beat the January Blues. Do you need a trigger to smile? The Numbers 35mm Deep Blue is a fun watch to use and will make you smile each time you put it on your wrist.



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