Your father started a cycle

11 Mar 2016

Father’s day is celebrated all around the world, with various rites and in different dates, but many people don’t know the genesis of this tradition.

There are two main theories about the origin of this date. The first claims that father’s day started in USA in 1909, when the daughter of a soldier decided to create it driven by his admiration for her father. The festivity grew in recognition and was made official in 1972.

The second goes back to Babylon, 2000 BC, when a young boy wrote a message to his father in a clay plaque, wishing him health, happiness and a long life.

Whatever the real beginning was, the important thing to highlight is the gesture behind this celebration. Every human being is what it is thanks to their parents. They’re the ones who give them life, follow them, guide them and give them values that make them better and more complete.

The fatherly figure is very important for a son. Many times the father becomes the great hero and an example. A father protects us, is there to support us when we need, leads us to dream big and to fight for our dreams, but is also the one that shows us the correct path when we do something wrong. A father is a mixture between a mentor and a best friend and, above all, is someone who loves us unconditionally.

Your father started a cycle that you must continue, and its so easy to do so, just show how much you care about him.

The father’s day is coming and is just another date to celebrate this cycle.

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Your dad deserves it!


Dialetu wishes a Happy father’s day to all the father’s in the world.

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