You should put steel on it!

04 Oct 2016

You should put steel on it!

From statement furs to velvet everything and strong colors like Burgundy and olive green, the fall 2016 will be warm, at least at your wardrobe. With all this hot temperature, you need something shiny and cold to balance your style. A cool metallic piece will be the perfect complement. Bellow, we present some of the trendier styles to use every day this fall. Look, Shop and put some steel on it.

1. Komono Winston Royale Zirconium

The classic and the modern are combined on the Winston Royale, and the result is a street fashion watch that matches any style. A simple design that will make you shine.

Komono Winston Royale

2. Triwa Azure Niben Steel Mesh

This unisex watch features a silver engraved dial with a turquoise roundel. The watch is set within a polished stainless steel case, mineral glass and a polished steel bezel. The Azure Niben has an exquisite design suited for the most demanding ones.

Triwa Azure Niben Steel Mesh

3. Void PKG01 – SI/MR/WH

The PKG01 was designed with the concept “form follows function”, and it is a pleasure to wear this slim timepiece. A watch for both man and woman were nothing was left to change.

Void PKG01 - SI/MR/WH

4. Breda Linx Gunmetal

This watch aims to merge quality and minimal design, and that is reached gracefully while keeping the price low. Modern design with classic elements that push the envelope in design.

Breda Linx Gunmetal

5. Klasse14 Volare Silver mesh band 36mm

The first thing to note on the Volare is the conic shape of the dial and the slightly curved hands to circle around the dial. But every detail on this watch is dazzled, an ode to freedom that you will never be tired of.

Klasse14 Volare Silver Mesh Band 36mm

6. Triwa Ivory Klinga Gold mesh

The klinga is infused with modern Scandinavian details, such as sharp lugs and conical crown. But what makes it shine is the perfect yellow gold color, which makes this watch perfect for any style at any time. Strap it to your wrist and you may be sure that it will fit your style.

Triwa Ivory Klinga Gold Mesh

7. Fossil Barrel Stretch JA6543P

Fossil's Barrel Stretch bracelet combines crystals with a clean design, creating the season's most covetable bracelet, wear it day or night.

Fossil Barrel Stretch JA6543P

8. Fossil Steel Mens Dress JF84476040

The Fossil JF84476040 is surely a great addition to your wrist. Add class with a hint of edge to your wardrobe. Just roll up your sleeves to show it off to get the fullest effect.

Fossil Steel Mens Dress JF84476040

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