#theunbound by Breda

03 Jul 2015

Breda Watches at Dialetu

Breda is a watch brand based in Dallas, United States of America. Stablished in the belief of self-expression through fashion design and style, Breda has created “The Unbound” campaign, which sums up what this watchmakers stand for: “a meticulously selected group of individuals that have established their own authentic voice outside the norm. This group represents a raw, ambitious, unconfined mastery of their craft(s). A new generation of influence has emerged. They live out-loud, untailored, uncut, and unbound by the generic.”

This brand has a different vibe, an original feeling which comes from its own signature and style. Affordable, stimulating and universal, really all in one.

A collective of creative people wanted to leave their own mark on the world of brands and decided to unite their best people in order to build Breda up: “an eclectic unit of ambitious artists, designers, business-brains, photographers, innovators and style rebels, we've come together to create pieces that intrigue, inspire and challenge the expected.”

Breda presents non-singular aesthetic watches, with a very different variation of models, combinations, colors, patterns and materials, still simple and stylish. Inspired by street fashion and city atmosphere, the brand creators have a contemporary state of mind and a very realistic approach to design.

Be part of this story, be part of #theunbound community with Dialetu. Stay on the watch with Breda!  


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