A Pearl's Play

21 Apr 2015

A Pearl's Play

If diamonds are the girl’s best friends, pearls are their eternal lovers. For a lifetime, have you intensely wished to have pearls? Well, now you can with hip-hop pearls.

If you want to play your own role with a different kind of pearls you got the chance with Hip-Hop. The brand who dares you to “Hiphopize your life” offers their own pearls: from Dialetu with love.


Can you imagine having an amazing red passion bracelet? The hip-hop bon bon Persian red is the ultimate touch of good taste and sophisticated simplicity. In fact, the jewels of the collection Bon Bon are delicate and original. Crystals combined with silicone, characteristic of the brand, turn these pieces into something irresistible. Soft tones and perfect combinations of materials make this collection delicious as a Bon Bon. This one is made up of delicate red passion silicone spheres and swarovski elements. It really does speak to your heart, doesn’t it?

If you’re fan of blue, you also have the option bon bon dress blue, a bracelet made up of delicate blue silicone spheres, two swarovski white stones enclosed by a silver ring and links in silver stainless steel. A very fashionable, unique and sober piece that will speak for itself whenever you wear it. To combine with the bracelet and having the perfect outfit in blue, the earring bon bon dress blue, an earring made up with swarovski elements too is the final detail. The blue and silver stick together perfectly in this fashion accessory.

But watches can also have pearls either in pink or gray. Who says it are the Hip-hop brand creators, who defy us to see these two amazing time pieces: the Hip-hop 32m Power Puff and the Hip-hop 32m Warm Grey. Imagine the most elegant pearls, the most refined ones. Now combine them with fun and colorful materials. That’s how the collection pearls was born. Beautiful pearls together with golden and silver rings and silicone in modern colors. You will fall in love with these beautiful watches.

Still in the pearls mode, the Hip-hop bon bon white will match everything you wear. Its touch is as amazing as this bracelet is, with links in golden stainless steel and lobster clasp fastening. It’s impossible not to want it, isn’t it?

Another great different kind of pearls come along with the Hip-Hop bon bon haze, a really one of a kind bracelet, made up of delicate greenish silicone spheres and linked by golden stainless steel. This product was on serious debate on social media with the question: “what color is this bracelet?” and with the hashtag #thebracelet. Give your opinion on this matter!

Anyone can have pearls, anyone can play their own role in life. If you have the amazing sense of style of being yourself and true to yourself… Hip-hop pearls are the missing piece in your puzzle!

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