Hygge Watches: “Not only aesthetic, but a true well-being”

27 Jul 2015

Japan meets Denmark

Why the name “Hygge”?

As only few words, the word “hygge” goes beyond a simple definition to express a fundamental aspect of a culture and lifestyle. In Denmark, hygge represents a cozy and warm atmosphere and the enjoyment of a moment and the life alone or with nice people.

Why did you choose this concept and not any other? Why?

P.O.S. is a family owned company at the dawn of its third generation. This longevity is exceptional and we are very proud of our origins. When starting the project of a new watch brand, we wanted to find a word which represents our company history and core - Japanese manufacturer in the watch industry and importer/distributor of Scandinavian high-design product – and at the same time tell a story, express a lifestyle to enjoy that what we aim at offering to each owner of a Hygge watch.


Do you want that those who wear your watches feel the “hygge” feeling/sensation?

Yes, definitively. It is our objective. We wish to offer to each owner these good feelings each second they wear their watch. We want to offer them something unique, special in their life: not only aesthetic, but a true well-being.


What’s your main inspiration to create?

The main inspiration is Scandinavian modern and minimalism design, as Major Tse was inspired by Danish architecture. But instead of inspiration, we would prefer to use “creativity”, Inspiration has a nuance of taking ideas from someone or somewhere else, Creativity is more making the idea, which is Hygge. We do something that people would not expect, never-seen, which comes up into the details of our watches, as the 3012 series and its crown hidden inside whom the details go up to the curve inside the cut of the crown.

This process comes from a white sheet of paper, when our designers start a new concept for Hygge and requires us giving a total liberty to our designers.

Last but most important, we always keep in mind what people would love to wear at their wrist. The pleasure and enjoyment of the wearer remain our main inspiration.


Hygge as a watch brand was born in 2009. What was your main difficulty/struggle to get it out there?

P.O.S. was originally a manufacturer of dials for well-known Japanese and Swiss brands, a supplier focusing on production. But the project to launch our own brand required us to manage the production for complete watches expanding our technical knowledge requirements and also all other business activities as marketing and promotion. Our long history and reputation in the watch industry also require us to offer a watch collection of a high-standing in respect of our company history, but also the high-standards of Japanese manufacturing.


Do you think that the Scandinavian and Japanese cultures were the perfect marriage to make Hygge happen? Why? Please explain your point of view.

On one hand, the name is Danish with a modern and minimalism design; on the other hand, the owner company is Japanese. Yes, it is an amazing collaboration to offer our outstanding watch collection through the high-quality of its aesthetic and manufacturing.

More generally speaking,JapanandScandinaviashares the same professionalism in the development of products, from detail oriented design to research of high-quality material. These are two cultures where the focus is not to provide the cheapest product, but the best quality product for the satisfaction of their costumers.


You won the iF product design award in 2014. What’s the meaning of getting that recognition?

The Hygge watches have so much positive reviews and were very well received by critique in general. What’s your thoughts about that?

We have been developed watches with passion to take the challenge of offering at the same time innovative design and high-quality manufacturing watches. Seeing all these efforts recognized by design specialists is a great honor for all our team. We are certainly proud to see the fruits of our work recognized around the globe by specialists, but also the press and end-users.


How much do you pay attention to the materials you use in the process of making the watches?

This is a primordial factor of course. We aim at uncompromising our high quality standards and this is required at every step of the production. The constant quest for this excellence and innovation are an integral part of our company policy. The same criteria have been also applied to the external and carefully selected suppliers, who are requested to use only the best raw material and to closely monitor all the process of production. In consequence, the development of new Hygge watches is a long process, compared to our competitors, due to the research and control of the different materials. Brands focused now on the faster and faster sales pace as the fashion industry. Quantity seems taking over quality, which could be found in the lack of creativity and also manufacturing quality which includes material selection. However, we are confident that the owners of a Hygge watch do recognize our work and enjoy their watch every time they wear it, which at the end the most important key to the success and rewarding.


What’s more important for you: aesthetics or functionality? Why?

Both would be equivalently important, even though the base of our new watch concept start with the aesthetics when the designer provides the images. The functionality would come as second step actually. The designs provided will drive our engineers to produce as closed as possible the structure to have the same design/aesthetic. But we need to find the right middle between both to compromise, as a couple living together where concessions are necessary.


Your culture is very well known for meticulous, disciplined and organized people. Do you see yourself in that definition? Do you think that Hygge is also proving that?

What’s the message that you want to shout out to the world with your products?

Japan is a country that makes people around the world fascinated for the technologies, gastronomy, traditional arts and culture, but they all represent a certain professionalism and constant research of perfection in the quality. InJapan, it becomes a passion and total investment completely inserted in the general mentality. As a Japanese company with a long tradition in the watch industry, we aim at respecting the image of our country and proud to be one of its representatives around the world, even though Hygge is still a young brand.

Tying our watch collection and name more and more to the name ofJapanis part of where we like to see the brand for the passion and all efforts given behind the Hygge watches. It is all the beauty of Japanese craftsmanship.Japanhas this craftsmanship in every company and a sense of customer pleasure and satisfaction that we would like to be recognized in our watches and in our creations.

It is a message, it is a positioning and it is also a signal we like to give to everyone. Hygge will have his Scandinavian design inspiration but also Japanese heritage as background and DNA. Further, our observation is that clients are now educated. They read; they go online with a large access to the information. Everything is transparent. They approach a brand not just to buy a product. They want a set of values like lifestyle and they always want beautiful stories. That’s what Hygge offers with his unique combination between Scandinavian minimalism design and Japanese craftsmanship.


How do you want Hygge to evolve and what do you want to achieve even more with the brand? What do you want the future to look like? What plans do you have in mind to make that happen?

Costumers are truly passionate about our watches and their unique design and recognize the privilege to have a timepiece of craftsman quality according on the strictest Japanese standards. That, at the end of the day, is the key to our success. We are working everyday with passion to guarantee that our development remains in this direction and achievement would come by the recognition of the quality of our work and the entire satisfaction of each Hygge owner.


Do you have any new ideas for new Hygge collections that you want to share with us?

Very difficult to say in details and we would like to keep some “surprises”…

Our next series will offer and preserve our core with a combination offering something unique through the creativity of our designers, but without any concession for the quality as all respected Japanese company of modern design and manufacturing high-quality. We are putting a lot of energy and time to develop the new models. It is a tough job and very difficult to keep our “no compromise” rule on the quality, but we are proud of our company’s heritage in the watch industry and also to be a Japanese company with all the strictest standards! This research of the perfect watch in quality and design is more than a goal, it is a passion for all our team members. We believe the patience will pay off and all consumers will recognize it when seeing and wearing our coming new watches.

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