6 green watches that will blow your mind

24 Jul 2015

Green is green

Green is hope. Green is good. Green is the last season’s hottest fashion trend but also it never goes out of style at any time. Just think about it for a second: could you simply risk take green out from your fashion choices? Impossible. We know. Not even Tom Cruise could nail this one. Green is green. That’s why we choose to stay green on green and let you know the best green watches to have on your personal collection. Trust us and enjoy your green scenario.


Gravity Green by Ziiiro makes your day shine! The ZIIIRO Gravity presents a simple and unique way of reading time. The tip of the inner swirl represents the current hour, while the outer swirl displays the minutes, with a continuous gradient movement showing the passing through time.


InBamboo Green is lightweight, comfortable and gorgeous! Made in natural bamboo, this cute watch is the flawless match for a woman who knows what she wants to express with her style.


V03B-BRGRGR by Void is a model unique in its simplicity. A case of high-quality steel, with a display of only two hands and Nato Nylon Straps. It's the simplest watch of our collection, designed to be full of color, fun and with a casual look. An outstanding fashion accessory that speaks for itself.


Sond green is an absolute different timepiece and it’s really worth it. Injection molded in one single piece, the SOND has an innovative locking mechanism that uses the watch itself to secure the nylon watchband. This not only greatly reduces the number of moving parts but also creates an interesting contrast of colors and materials and makes the strap easy to change and adjust.


Green + Deep green moss is made by Modify Watches. A different and modular concept for watchmaking is what this brand offers. In this model, the green is just a perfect color to make your days better. The Modify watches are fun, colorful and personalized with almost infinite combinations. You can combine your style with your mood and show your colors.


Segnatempo green closes our green picture here. As usual in Mykonos Design, this watch introduces and alternative to the classic two hands wristwatch. In this model, all green, the hours are indicated by a number shown on a window directly on the display, while minutes follows the conventional representation. In the center of the watch there is a ring with the seconds hand. An irreverent design, characteristic of the brand.

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