Family, the greatest love of all

15 May 2015

Happy Family Day!

Today it’s the International Day of Families. So, we couldn’t help ourselves: we did a family selection for you, from Dialetu with love. Find out what you can give to those you love the most, turning it into something really special.

To celebrate your dad’s individuality, The man of your life, the one you couldn’t go by without, give him something that will make a memory to create a story together for both of you. A story to remember later. The bho design DRIVE MARK-01 BONDI will not go unnoticed and will be an element in which will be able to talk for a lifetime, was not this a real piece of collection. Designed for the modern gentleman who longs for a time gone by the classic, simplicity of a bygone era of automotive design, the Drive Mark-01 timepiece will surely evolve into a collector’s piece, whilst appearing stunning on the wrist in the meantime. The Drive Mark-01 is numbered and limited to 500 pieces worldwide, a must for collectors. Your father deserves to be one of five hundred men to possess this valuable piece of collection and unique design, doesn’t he?

Your mother can not be outdone, much less unhappy. There is only one mum in the whole world and Mother's Day is every day and should indeed be celebrated daily with the person you love most in this life! Therefore, the ideal gift for her (the best mother in the world, certainly) is the Golden Lansen Brown Mono Braided by Triwa: a watch with a balanced combination of gold and blue, bracelet braided brown leather, one true must-have for all class and good taste lovers. Can you imagine the reaction of your mother when she gets this watch as a gift? We do too!

Like parents, the brothers are equally important and cannot be forgotten. For this, you have to show your eternal fellow that the fun happens whenever we want, even in fashion accessories! The Blue + Coffee Bean by Modify Watches is the perfect choice, since it's a watch with a modular concept, to mix and match boxes, bracelets and dials. The Modify Watches are fun, colorful and allow almost endless custom combinations. You can combine your style to your mood and show all your colors. If you do not have brothers it’s okay, since you can offer it to your adored cousins.

As you know, your uncles can’t be put aside. And for that reason, the best suggestion is the Visus White for him and the Visus Pink for her by Mykonos. So whenever they would be celebrating the affectionate bond that they have with you, they will be doing it with each other. This piece is a unique way to display the time: as a fixed mark indicates the current time, the entire display turns with 3 different rings for each time segment (hours, minutes and seconds). The visus model is built in steel and with a bracelet in steel mesh. That said, you can understand this will certainly be a watch that will make the difference for its design and irreverent functionality. These watches are also an excellent choice for your godfather and godmother!

This time we have no ideas for your cat, dog, parakeet, iguana or other pets that are also part of your family, but we'll definitely think of something.

Happy Family Day!

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