'Entrepreneurship is a journey'

20 Apr 2015

Take this journey with us!

From traveler to entrepreneur, 30 years old Ricardo launched Dialetu in September 2014, a project that aims to be an example of success in the Tâmega and Sousa region. The ultimate goal is to help create new businesses.

Electrical engineer, early trained, at the Engineering Faculty of University of Porto (FEUP), Ricardo tried to teach himself along the way. In fact, he wanted to learn beyond what was given to him and taught by teachers.

With experience and professional background in electric cars, solar systems or electrical substations, the programming that he had knowledge was considered a low level, basics. Nevertheless, the passion for the web and for high-level programming (to clients/consumers) was gaining space and time in his life: "I knew the essentials, it's like someone taught how to stand and from there you have to learn how to walk alone," he explains.

His professional challenges in large companies were several, such as in EFACEC, "the labor market is much more ferocious than the university, but I always had perseverance and tried to absorb as much experience as I could.’ Self-taught by nature, the programming language for the web was becoming more simple and as stated, "things happen just by doing, learning by doing".

The passion for travelling and meeting other new cultures was a fundamental fact for this entrepreneur from an early age: "I always had the curiosity to know what was beyond me, to know what there is out there, I always tried to find out more and more," he says. Thus, the entrepreneur compares entrepreneurship to a trip to any country outside the continent you’re in, where everything and everyone is a total stranger and then "you must adapt, adjust and, above all, find your own way wherever you are”.

The idea for the creation of Dialetu came "because I was buying and collecting several products that I got to know during my travelling and I thought that I had to share my knowledge with other people," he says. The company's catalog has two hundred and fifty products and it’s expanding. "My big goal with Dialetu is to learn by doing, and to encourage the creation of more micro-enterprises, sharing knowledge," which is a "pilot project that combines various specialties and in the future can be converted into something that will give a lot back to the community," he says.

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