Daisy and Dakota's story in their own language

21 May 2015

Daisy and Dakota Dialogues

Daisy ‘n Dakota Dialogues it’s an illustration project by Dialetu shared on the brand’s official social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr and YouTube. It aims to be a story of a happy couple with lots of humor, irony and joyful sarcasm.


These are two interesting characters you have to meet

Daisy is the “one and only” woman, she would say. She finds herself the best in everything, the best in the world and the very best of the universe, but in a very non arrogant cool way. She’s a true entertainer and nothing makes her happier than cheer people up and make them laugh and happy too.

Dakota is a nice, chill, relaxed and intelligent guy who loves his wife and his life. His motto is clearly “keep it simple, less is more and just enjoy life”. He really loves making jokes with Daisy, living his daily life having the most fun he can have as well.

Follow their adventures here and here and never miss a good laugh with these two! 

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