5 of the best autumn watches ever

07 Oct 2015

Design watches will autumn leaves. Falling leaves and amazing timepieces.

Burgundy is the color

Magnus Silver Burgundy by Komono will be you’re one and only this autumn. The Komono watches are a combination of classic watches with modern colors, textures and materials. The Magnus Silver Burgundy is not an exception. Feature a simple design, where it stands out the slightly shifted down crown and bracelets with futuristic colors and textures, the Magnus Silver Burgundy is an accessory with a street fashion design concept that matches any style. This wristwatch is perfect for the autumn in every way you can imagine.


British style

The Breda’s inspiration on the British rich culture created a timepiece with its own unique vibe. English Man – Brown is an outstanding watch with a thin silver bezel with a large silver dial, silver roman numerals, and silver hands. The faux crocodile grain dark brown leather band sits comfortably on the wrist. Beautiful, stylish, classy and with a certain status, like any British representative. In fact, English Man – Brown is a wristwatch that matches fall like no other.


Premium Street Wear for you

Autumn essential: 01Nato Black Vintage with Black Leather. The 01NATO stands as the firstborn of HyperGrand’s watch designs. With a breakthrough design comprising a highly readable double layered dial and irresistible straight-lined case structure – This is the design that catapulted HyperGrand into the watch world. Finished with a sandblasting technique, the 01NATO watch plays well with both smart and casual get-ups. All the colors and all the design in this wristwatch ask to be worn in the fall season!


Smart thinking, smart wearing

The 2014 award winning IF product design Serie 3012Cor Pu Leather Band by Hygge Watches is the ultimate exceptional, excellent design for any time of the year, but specially autumn. Time reimagined, was the inspiration to create this timepiece. The result is simple, functional and visually appealing. Two disks rotate one over the other, the one on top indicates the minutes and the one on the bottom the hours, which in combination with the steel case, provide a calm environment full of details.


Timeless design, autumn special

Triwa claims to be a revolutionary in the accessories world. Nevertheless, the brand is dedicated to transform the perception of the status symbol into a symbol of style. With very different models and designs, Triwa has an incredible sense of style and aesthetics. For the autumn essentials list, Dawn Klinga Brown Dots Classic is mandatory. This wristwatch is a fixed lugs watch that features a light grey dial with high contrast blue hands, circular gold hour index markers and minute/second markers in white. The watch comes with a one-piece imprinted leather strap made in brown organic leather by Swedish tannery Tärnsjö.


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