The best 10 watches of June (on sale)

06 Jun 2017

Top 10 watches of June

The Blue Deals are the biggest sale we made during the year. Almost all the products are on sale and some of them will be on sale only during a small period of time. During the Blue Deals you cannot have second thoughts, if you find a sweet blue deal don’t wait because tomorrow that deal may be over.

Having this in mind, our team chose 10 watches that you should look for during this sale season. We hope that you find your dream watch with a great price.


1. Klasse14 Disco Volante Rose Gold Brown 36mm

This vintage style watch has an elegant stainless steel polished case with domed dial and lens, supported by brushed lugs that fuse together with the case back, creating a shape reminiscent of a “Flying Saucer”, which gives the name to this timepiece.

Klasse14 Disco Volante


2. Ziiiro Saturn Black

If you are looking for a watch out of the ordinary to show of to your friends, the Saturn is the perfect choice. This timepiece has a unique way of telling time and will be the most innovative digital watch you will ever had. 

Ziiiro Saturn Black


3. Cronometrics The Architect L10

Purity in design is at the very heart of Cronometrics. This brand, created from the same designers from Ziiiro and following the same quality principles presents simple yet superb watches.

The Architect L10 has a combination of colors perfect for any modern outfit, and an inherent elegance that goes beyond its look.

Cronometrics Architect L10


4. Daniel Wellington Sheffield 40mm Rosè Gold

An elegant watch, with a simple design without too many features, which makes it perfect for any situation. You will get lots of compliments while wearing this good-looking watch.

Daniel Wellington Sheffield 40mm Rose


5. Void V03D-GO/RB/WH

Void create watches with a specific purpose in mind: tell the time. The design is simple and minimal without unnecessary details. The V03D is a reinterpretation of the classic watch with this practical and simple design concept and the result is a watch that looks great on both men and women and is the delight of any design lover.

Void V03D


6. Fossil Tailor Multifunction Tan Leather ES4175P

Fossil is in the watch industry for many years and they really know what they are doing. The combination between materials and forms are amazing.

This Tailor watch delivers fresh femininity with its classical steel case and an eye-catching spirographic dial. This watch was designed to shine on your wrist.

Fossil Tailor ES4175P


7. Triwa Ash Klinga Black Classic

Classic, thin and elegant. Interpreted in brushed gold and dark grey this vintage watch is suited for the modern days. The Klinga is one of the most succeeded lines by TRIWA and when you use this watch you will understand why.

Triwa Ash Klinga


8. Mykonos P-One White

A beautiful contemporary timepiece, that uses innovative materials. Inspired by vintage Italian supercars of the 1970s, the design of this watch is outstanding; featuring a monochromatic color scheme, which means it will pair nicely almost any outfit.

Mykonos P-One White


9. Breda Valor Gunmetal

The Valor watch was featured by the GQ magazine and since then this watch is a best seller. The watch was designated has the coolest watch for an affordable price and we totally agree.

Breda Valor Gunmetal


10. Aãrk Eclipse Silver

Find out why Aãrk is one of our favorite brands, with this astonishing watch. Aãrk plays with details with the Eclipse Silver. A perfect balance between color and materials, silver and brown, steel and leather perfectly put together.

Aark Eclipse Silver


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