13 Apr 2016

Kissing 101

Showing your affection with a kiss seams simple but do you know which type of kiss you should use in each situation? Are you kissing a friend in the same way you kiss your aunt? Maybe there is a different kiss for each one and for each moment. Read through and find out our 5 favorite kisses, when you should use them and how to receive them. At the end you will be a master in kissing, and perhaps you can share your new acknowledgment with the one you love.

Nose Kiss or Eskimo´s Kiss

Nose Kissing

This kiss is more a greeting than a real kiss but it is awesome to show affection and that you are comfortable with the other person. The eskimo’s kiss consists of two people rubbing noses together and is most used on very cold days by people who, when they meet outside, often have little except their nose and eyes exposed. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use this kiss on other situations, you can and you must. The Eskimo’s kiss is full of emotion and you will not have a better moment to look directly in the eyes of your loved one.

Do you want to receive an Eskimo kiss? With the Triwa Ivory Henry on you will definitely get one and share sweet moments.

Kiss on the hand

Hand Kissing

Hand kissing is a gesture of courtesy, politeness, respect, admiration or even devotion by one person toward another. To perform a great hand kissing you should extend your hand to ask the other persons hand and bow toward the offered hand and symbolically touching the knuckles with your lips, while lightly holding the offered hand. The gesture is short, but full of emotion and respect.

Hand kissing has become rare nowadays, but if you want to make a good first impression this is the kiss to use.

Wearing the Aãrk Shell White will add a touch of exquisiteness to this kiss, guaranteed.

Kiss on the Face

Face Kissing

This kiss transmits affection, support and complicity, regardless of physical attraction. Use it with friends and family without moderation.

A kiss on the face is simply a short peck on the cheek, sometimes in combination with a hand on the arm or a half embrace. It can be used to say hello or goodbye or to show that you are looking for something more, it’s on you how to use it. The possibilities are endless with a kiss on the face.

The Proof McCall Mahogany are perfect to invite for a Kiss on the face, with this shades on you will have such a friendly face, a kiss will almost certainly happen.

Kiss on the forehead

Forehead Kissing

A kiss on the forehead is an expression of admiration. Touching your lips to the others forehead is very symbolical and shows that you have good intentions and respect. This kiss is usually a kiss of friendship but it can also be used to start a
romantic moment. This is the kiss that says: “I may like you as a friend or I may like you as a partner”. Probably, the most wanted kiss from our list.

Being confident is essential to receive a kiss like this and the Breda Slate Gunmetal is great to transmit confidence.

Kiss on the Mouth

Mouth Kissing or French Kiss

This one is reserved for the person who lives in your heart and you can’t live without. It is a very romantic kiss, and you will never forget your first kiss on the mouth. Touching your lips with another person lips show that you are ready to
build a new chapter on your relation. This kiss sends a strong romantic signal, so this is the kiss to use when you meet the one.

A single lip kiss can evolve to a French kiss, or a tongue kiss, and if that happens, well, you are set for a very romantic and intense moment.

Although this kiss should be genuine and come naturally you can give a little help to happen faster. Try to offer the Fossil Townsman to the man you love or the Fossil Stella Smoke&Rose to your special woman, they will get the message.

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