The Godfather wears bho watches

20 Jul 2015

 bho design meets The Godfather

What watch brand do you think that The Godfather would wear? Well, we have the answer of course: bho watches. Actually, there’s only five hundred of these timepieces in the world which makes it a true collectible design item that our beloved Godfather would wear.

This unique design brand creates not products, but assets. At the core of bho design’s philosophy is that if something should be created, it should be created to the highest standard with an affordable price. A belief in and commitment to absolute quality across all levels of design and manufacture permeates all bho design creations, and transforms them away from any standard, disposable item, into a collectible, valuable piece that will endure through time in both resilience and style - an asset to any owner. Due to this, what any other watch would fit better in our great Godfather than Drive Mark-01 Maroon? Black and red, reminding the Godfather’s red rose and all of the bloodshed in the epic movie.

Actually, designed for the modern gentleman who longs for a time gone by the classic, simplicity of a bygone era of automotive design, the Drive Mark-01 timepiece will surely evolve into a collector’s piece, whilst appearing stunning on the wrist in the meantime. The Drive Mark-01 is numbered and limited to five hundred pieces worldwide, a must-have for collectors and all The Godfather’s saga fans.

This academy award winning film, a Francis Ford Coppola masterpiece, has forty three years old and still makes our hearts pound.  In fact, it remains at the imdb’s top 500 with a remarkable critique and incredible reviews. What a strong timeless classic, just like bho watches. The perfect match is not made in heaven, but in New York! Become a true Godfather by wearing this unique collectible piece of art on your wrist.


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