Celebrate your dad’s individuality in black and white

16 Jun 2015

Happy Father's Day!

How amazing is your dad? Present him with a meaningful gift: “DAD15” is the promotional code available for you. Use it now and enjoy your discount. Plus, we prepared a list of seven outstanding fashion accessories that will make you reconsider your fashion design point of view.

If your dad’s truly amazing (and we bet he is), we have the best gifts for Father’s Day. All black and white, all timeless and extremely design oriented ones. Those kind of gifts you and he will remember for the rest of your life.

ZIIIRO is a unique, minimal and aesthetic brand. In fact, ZIIIRO watches are designed to make time for fun. Futuristic, minimalist, bold. Every design embodies the ZIIIRO vision of creating incredible timepieces with unique appearance and style. Therefore, the Gravity Snow White is a perfect example to start off our dad’s celebration: the ZIIIRO Gravity presents a simple and unique way of reading time. The tip of the inner swirl represents the current hour, while the outer swirl displays the minutes, with a continuous gradient movement showing the passing through time. The bracelet strap combines silicone and metal to form a flexible bracelet watch.

Perlen x Matte Black is also a great gift for dad. Vitaly Design makes bold and classic accessories that stand out, since the brand’s founder takes inspiration from the industrial nature of the manufacturing process, resulting in the structural, contemporary accessories Vitaly has become known for. Meaning beaded in German, Vitaly's Perlen range brings more of a casual style to their collection. This is a far more understated style from Vitaly and combine perfectly with casual or sophisticated styles. An all-black essential to carry around with care and show your love for fashion and design.

Aãrk Iconic Graphite is the next one on your dad’s list. The Iconic is a statement. Influenced by industrial and avionic instruments, it is raw, tough and precise. With solid form and proportions, it’s a utilitarian piece built for durability and aesthetic beauty; its endurance and strength are paramount. At the core of the Iconic lies a 1:10 chronograph Japanese Quartz movement. Its dial is designed for both function and symmetry, with acid-etched details and a rotating bezel that can keep track of elapsed time. A 3mm Italian calfskin leather band complements the durability of the case, and softens with each wear for every day comfort. The 316L Aircraft-grade stainless steel has been PVD ion plated, which, combined with the 42mm diameter construction, ensures the Iconic will remain strong and intact.

The amazing Midnight Henry by Triwa couldn’t be out of the picture. An elegant frame made of hand-cut acetate in black and Carl Zeiss Vision lenses also in black. Apart from the high quality, feature of Triwa, this model offers a touch of class to those who wear it.

In such a day to remember, the Minuteman, Two Hand, Black/Black by Squarestreet has to be considered too: the classic two hand watch rethinked by Squarestreet. This classic version features both hour and minute display, with an elegant circular tip highlighting the hour index. The face of the watch features 4 long tick marks in 3 hour segments, with shorter marks denoting minute-by-minute segments. Like the One Hand version, the dials are also decorated with printed micro-concentric rings, like the age markings inside of tree trunks. Externally, the Minuteman uses hand-made Italian Mazzuchelli acetate, famous amongst watchmakers and designers for delivering an unprecedented depth of colour.

The minimalism features again with the unique TID No. 1 White. Designed by Form Us With Love, the No.1 reduces the functions of a watch to the barest of essentials — an easy-to-read dial, adjustable strap, and two choices of color. No.1 is made of stainless steel, milled and then given a black ion coating for durability, a finish that gives it just the right amount of matte versus gloss on the wrist, while the only noticeable branding is punched into the side.

But Projects (Architecture you can wear) has something to say in this matter as well. The brand Projects features watch models designed by designers from all over the world. Each watch is designed around a theme. This model, Sometimes Black, has the theme, "Sometimes it’s better to stop thinking about the time". What makes this timepiece truly unique is the way the band “feeds” through the bottom of the watch. There are two loops on the case back. The band simply slips through these loops, making it simple to change bands.

So, now you have met the unquestionable best pieces for you and your dad. Don’t wait any longer, make your dad feel even more special and give him a meaningful caring gift. Happy Father’s Day!

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