What does the color of your watch says about you?

20 Aug 2015

Find out what the color of your watch says about you meaning life colors watches

Everything we wear says a lot about ourselves. Our style is also a part of our personality. At Dialetu, we want to know more about you, we want to know you better. We also want to help you to choose the best watch that speaks out to your personality and matches your way of being.

The strong red

If you choose a red watch like the Minimalist Red Leather Watch by Breda, all eyes will be on you. It’s a strong powerful color that symbols leadership, motivation, strength and of course it has a visual impact. Wearing such color watch will bring you positive vibes. 

The nice orange

When you go for orange, it clearly shows that you’re a creative, easy going, friendly person. You love to communicate with everyone around you and you’re a very joyful individual. This color is associated with fun times and hardly gets by without being noticed, like red. In this case, the best watch for you would actually be the Ghost 32M Arancio by Hip-Hop Watches or even the Serie 3012Cor Pu Leather Band by Hygge.

The impressive yellow

The yellow will impress you all the way, because yellow is for very intelligent people, focused, yet very cheerful and optimistic. The Aãrk Classic Yolk or the Modify White + Neon Yellow will transmit the right message: defy me intellectually, be happy, and stay empowering!

The hopeful green

Green is a great choice too. In fact, go-for-green people are very good listeners, caring, careful and confident! They’re very calm people and always willing to share their friendship with someone. At Dialetu we have six green watches that will blow your mind. Trust us and enjoy your green scenario. 

The heartful pink

Pink is a very calming color. About your personality, says that you are an emotional personal who loves affection and cares for feelings. It’s a smooth color that will directly touch your heart and the one who wears the pink watch. If pink is your thing, we can always recommend you six shades of coral or even the all deal. You won’t regret it.

The essential blue

Of course we couldn’t miss blue! Blue is the color for safety and credibility. Just watch our Monochrome Lomin Navy Runner by Triwa, the perfect example. Independence and bravery are two essentials for blue choosers. Don’t get me wrong, they’re just the ones born to reign and command.

The deep purple

Purple is the next on our list. This color is commonly associated with deepness, mystery, wisdom, but also wealth and prosperity. Those who wear it are born natural dreams and feel different from the most of the people. They want to achieve their goals in life and have a good one as well! The purple gold niben purple twist by Triwa will certainly cover your expectations on this matter.

The perfect gold

We couldn’t go any further without gold. If you love gold, then you seek for the ultimate perfection. You love the divine and the magnificent. You are meant to accomplish great things in life. Sort of Black Gold is the star of gold at Dialetu and will tell your story.

The noble silver

Silver is a very important part of the collection too. If your color is silver, then you are a very noble and open hearted person. You are pure and you love to help others. “I’m sure” is your sentence. Stirling Nevil Steel Mesh by Triwa suits you like no other.

The all-in-one black

Black ends the story. The last but not the least, because people who choose black have a strong personality. Your black watch will indicate how organized and sophisticated you are. Actually, black is, literally, every color in one. It covers, conceals, and enshrouds. So, if you want to express yourself in black the best choice is Aãrk Classic Coal


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